Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Saved by a pellet gun

I had to work in alleys today, most of which curved and looped around and had intersections where you have to know which way to go or you get kind of lost. I already know this route well, so that's not a problem for me anymore. But I say this to point out that all the houses are not completely lined up on the alley, they kind of zig-zag.

A dog with the potential to cause serious harm broke its chain, busted through the back fence and came at me. I had my hook in its face, backing away when I heard POP!...POP!...POP! It yelped a couple of times and ran back to its yard.

Two houses down was a man standing on the edge of his backyard, furiously pumping a pellet gun. So I said, "Thanks, dude! Nice shootin'!"


  1. That belongs in the Armed citizen column in the American Rifleman magazine.

    Lucky that guy was there.

  2. I bet that dog got loose before.

    I have my pellet gun ready for the neighbors (unrestrained)dogs when they get to bothering ours.

  3. It's good to know there are some good neighbors out there who will watch your back when you need it.

  4. Wow. Talk about a small world. Same thing happened to me not that long ago. Got turned around in a twisting alleyway while looking for a friends house and damn but those bb's sting.