Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That sucker's huge!

Click to enlarge and you can read the caption.

We got to see this thing come through. After church services were over on Sunday, we went to a local Mexican restaurant to eat, and managed to park while this was still a few hundred yards down the highway. We stood outside and watched it until it had passed.

What you can't see in this photo is that this thing was not only being towed--there was a second truck behind it pushing it. They had to use a cherry-picker to lift overhead electric lines so it could fit beneath. The traffic lights you see in this photo are on the other end of town, and are on cables so they could be lifted. The lights in the center of town are mounted on metal posts and overhangs. When it got to that stoplight, they had to twist it slightly sideways so it could squeak through the lights.

It was quite a show for a Sunday afternoon in La Vernia.


  1. That's effing HUGE! I worked on some smaller ones in the navy - only the size of my kitchen or so. I can only imagine seeing that industrial sucker roll through town.

  2. Looks like the sort of stuff I worked on when I was a motor winder; one of my last jobs was repairing an exciter for a generator at Hoover Dam.