Saturday, March 22, 2008

Napolean XIV was ordered from Barnes & Noble

Yesterday we packed up all the records. It took a while. I think in my future office I will have to set up a turntable just so I can listen and continue to digitize my old records.

With some things, my memory is terrible. Mostly because it's something that I just don't care enough about to let it take up valuable memory space. Records are different. I can remember where I bought almost every one of them. I can usually remember the face of the cashier who rang me up at the record store (and the name in one case--Bianca). But there are a few that had me stumped.

I grabbed a stack of records and the one on top was from GTR.

I have a GTR record? I didn't know I had a GTR record. Why do have a GTR record?

I don't even remember any of their songs. But once the chaos settles down and I start getting things back in order, this will be one of the first I play to see if I can remember.

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