Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Or a 12-gauge

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has said it backs the plan by Queensland state lawmaker Shane Knuth to launch "Toad Day Out," but only if the creatures are killed in a humane way, such as euthanizing them in a freezer.

"Obviously we're not idiots. We understand a lot people will be highly reluctant to fill their fridges and freezers with dying cane toads, but at the moment that is the only humane way that we can recommend," said Michael Beatty, the society's spokesman.

So let me get this straight. People are first supposed to catch these disgusting things. With their bare hands. And then stick them in the freezer--the same freezer where they need to keep food.

The RSPCA is collective insane. Stark, staring, ravingly insane.

I bet if you hit one those suckers with a 230-grain hollowpoint it would pop like a rancid canteloupe.

via Armed Canadian


  1. Big Toads like that are just plain ugly. They creep me out.

  2. Reminds me of the Florida iguana problem. Same kind of rules -- they must be killed humanely.

    I wonder how long an iguana or toad could be frozen, and then revived.

    Humane killing seems kind of a contradiction in terms, to me.

  3. I recall an online game series called "Lenny Loosejocks" with an Aussie character, and one of the series was "Cane Toad Spat" where you drove over those things with your ute (pickup truck) and avoided boulders.