Thursday, April 03, 2008

Someone tell Frank Marino

Decomposing composers:
Ghost investigators who rid the borough of unwanted guests are inviting the public to an in-depth speech on music and the paranormal next week.

Musician Dr Melvyn Willin will offer his latest research into para-musicological phenomena including telepathy, musical healing, the use of music in witchcraft and investigations of people who claim to have received music from dead composers.
Beethoven's gone but his music lives on,
And Mozart don't go shoppin' no more,
You'll never meet Liszt or Brahms again,
And Elgar doesn't answer the door.
Schübert and Chopin used to chuckle and laugh,
Whilst composing a long symphony,
But one hundred and fifty years later,
There's very little of them left to see.

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