Monday, May 19, 2008

30 Military Stories Many Didn't Hear About, But Should Have

From All American Blogger:
Operation: Hearts and Minds is a Newsvine group I started to detail the positive news about our military that is often overlooked. Too many good news pieces are not reported on because of body counts or the “If it bleeds, it leads” attitude of the media. Quite a few of those stories end up here.

I also try to cover a story on the podcast about our military and show the progress they are making around the world. But there are so many (currently my “Military News” RSS feed has over 1000 stories in it!), it is difficult to cover them all. So, in an effort to do more, here are thirty stories that you might not have heard about, but should have.
Go read and see how many the MSM missed because they were occupied with more important things like Br*tn*y Sp**rs.

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