Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yesterday I was walking along and came to a pair of meters that were on an elevated curb. So I stepped up on it right next to a telephone pole and...was knocked down by the pain that shot into my shoulder. Near the intersection of Old Castroville Road and General McMullen.

There was a pipe, for some reason, mounted to the pole, and when I stepped up there, not paying any attention, I took the end of the pipe right in the muscle that goes across there between the neck and the shoulder.

I have been rewarded by one of the most dramatic bruises I've ever had, and a soreness that is persistent, if not too acute. But I don't feel much like sitting at the computer today. It hurts more today than it did yesterday. I expect it to be stiff tomorrow.

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  1. My complaint has always been with the kitchen cabinet. You know, the one that is mounted from the ceiling over a counter extension so that the corner is at head level just over a drawer that requires peeking into from time to time. At least that's the way it was at one of my friend's house.

    I hated that cabinet.