Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A couple of things that puzzle me

I was looking at air purifiers yesterday, and it suddenly came to me that they all have capacities rated in square feet. Since they are made to filter the air inside a three-dimensional space, wouldn't it be more appropriate to rate them in cubic feet? Although, it seems to me that a really accurate representation of their capacities would be cubic feet per minute or something like that.

One other thing. When it comes to bladed weapons in Dungeons & Dragons, why is the druid restricted to the scimitar? This makes no sense. Druids were Celtic, and the scimitar was Persian. Yet another reason why I mostly ignored or revised weapons restrictions when I was Dungeon Master.


  1. Surely a druid should be armed with a sickle. This is the edged implement they are historically most associated with, to cut the "golden bough" of mistletoe from the holy oak. Perhaps the fast-and-loose creators of D&D couldn't think of the word, or substituted another curved weapon as being more warlike.

  2. Problem solved in 4.0 (no more Druids).


  3. I had totally forgotten about that but now that you mention it..

    I wonder how many AD&D stats and tables are still lodged in my brain from all those years back