Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sometimes you find a surprise

Back in the 80s I used to get book catalogs from Loompanics and Amok. Occasionally I ordered from them. Eventually, when I stopped ordering, they stopped sending catalogs, of course. Their inventory is similar, although not identical. The little volume at right (cover scan) is a book I bought from one of them, although I don't remember which.

Recently, since starting a Shelfari account, I have a side-hobby of looking up the odd book at to see if anything interesting turns up. I thought that this would be one book pert near impossible to find, since it was printed by what appeared to be a tiny company called Egotist Press (can't find a link--no website, apparently), and although the binding is solid, it was obviously very inexpensively done. This is a no-frills edition, and looks almost like something I could make myself with a computer and a printer, although the binding itself is much better than anything I could do with my industrial-sized stapler.

I was very surprised at what I found. One seller has one copy of this book available through Amazon. Asking price: $103.67.

Wow. I'll have to take extra special care of this one.

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