Sunday, June 22, 2008

Politics as usual...

...during a July election in the year 1758, George Washington's agent supplied 160 gallons [of alcoholic beverages] to 391 voters and "unnumbered hangers-on." This amounted to more than a quart and a half a voter. An itemized list of the refreshments included 28 gallons of rum, 50 gallons of rum punch, 34 gallons of wine, 46 gallons of beer, and 2 gallons of cider royal.

-- Charles S. Sydnor, American Revolutionaries in the Making
I remember when Ann Richards was elected governor of Texas, a certain flaming Democrat I knew said he voted for her because she threw a big party and everyone there got free beer. "I'll vote for anyone who gives me free beer," he said.

Such high standards.

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