Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I've been using to replace some of my old classic rock LPs with CDs. I had all the old Rush albums on vinyl, but wanted digital copies. Today I received Grace Under Pressure. I remember when I first got the LP I wasn't terribly impressed with it. But I like it more and more as time goes by. It's now among my favorite Rush albums.

There was something odd, though. I was able to get every one I wanted via Caress of Steel!--except for one: Power Windows. It seems very strange to me that they don't have it in their catalog. I think I'll buy it as an mp3 download from Amazon. It'll take a while to download, but what the hey.

I should clarify that when I said "all" I really meant all their studio albums. I'm not really that big on repackaged compilations or live albums. I will buy compilations if it's for someone I'm interested in but don't have all their individual studio albums yet. And I might buy a live album if it has something on it that wasn't released on any other album.

Still to come: Rush, Caress of Steel, and Signals. I thought I already had Signals on CD, but in going through my collection when I was ripping them I realized I didn't have it.

My first Rush album was 2112. Purchased in 1982 while in college.


  1. I think my first Rush album was Permanent Waves, then 2112. Then Hemispheres. Then Fly By Night. And so on ...

    I gotta give a second to your impression of Grace Under Pressure. I didn't like that album at first, but it grew on me pretty quickly. Now I think it's one of their best.

  2. I bought Fly By Night in 1975. Then everything chronologically when it came out, until Roll the Bones, which I avoided due to the rap thing. IIRC, Geddy Lee later said it as a mistake, made under pressure from some record company weenie. And that was the end of buying Rush for me. I suppose I ought to pick of the rest of the catalog. Be nice if there were a remastered Roll the Bones without the rap in it.

    My collection is about half/half vinyl/CD. One thing I'd like to get my hands on is 2112 in SACD, or whatever the next-gen ├╝ber audio format is.

    Actually, my LP's all show the inevitable degradation of being played a LOT. I suppose if a pile o' money landed on my head, I just get the whole studio catalog on CD. I'm with you on live albums and compilations, for the most part. A few exceptions on the live album thing: Made in Japan, Yessongs, and REO Speedwagon Live: You Get What you Play For.

  3. I had a habit of recording albums onto cassette, especially the ones I knew I was going to listen to frequently. Then I'd listen to the cassette. I have many albums that have been played only a few times, and every time I played them I taped them because I had worn out the previous tape.

  4. I did the cassette thing with a few really superb LPs. For example my Mobile Fidelity pressing of Dark Side of the Moon.

    My new thing I want to do is digitize them. But I don't, at the moment, have a turntable/cartridge up to the task. The old Dual is a bit shaky, and the Grado cartridge (not top-of-the-line) is a bit dull sounding. So when that money I mentioned earlier drops out of the sky, I'll also get a decent turntable. Something like a VPI scout.

  5. Had a neighbor boy up the street turn me on to RUSH in 1975. My first concert was Moving Pictures at a coliseum of which I had floor tickets and I made it 90' from the stage- RUSH is still my favorite.