Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Smarter than the Party

"But what I'd like you to answer is this: why do you think you are entitled to your own thoughts? Against those of the majority of your Collective? Or is the majority's will sufficient for you, Comrade Taganov? Or is Comrade Taganov becoming an individualist?"


"It's all right with me, Comrade Taganov. I have nothing more to say. Just a little advice, from a friend: remember that the speech has made it plain what awaits those who think themselves smarter than the Party."
--from We the Living by Ayn Rand
Although I am on vacation this week, I have not really done any extra reading, being more focused on being entirely without focus. However, I did make a big dent in We the Living today. I will be glad to finish this book. In its pages is an invaluable lesson on the evils of collectivism, but it is so depressing.

On the lighter side, my son discovered a heavily condensed children's version of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court which struck him as interesting, and I've been reading to him from it before bedtime. It's still a little beyond his reading level. My daughter found my old battered copy of Harriet the Spy last night. When we moved into our new house, we put one shelf in the hallway between their rooms and crammed it with children's books. I have many books that I bought in years past with the thought, I might have a kid someday who will want to read this.

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