Sunday, July 06, 2008

Pointless comments on a fictional series

So Death Note came to an end last night--at least the anime version, which is the only version I'm even remotely interested in.

This is one of the most disgusting anime series I have ever watched in full, and the only reason I stuck with it is because I had to see how it ended. It was somewhat interesting in its portrayal of perhaps the most disgustingly megalomaniacal fictional character of all time. I'm talking about the smug b*st*rd in the foreground up there.

There was no one to identify with in this show. And let's face it: the ultimate goal of suspending one's disbelief for any work of fiction is to find some level of identity with a character--be he heroic or anti-heroic. Light Yagami was neither. He was only evil.

I wish I had recorded it on DVD instead of a tape, because then I could have made a screen cap of the end of the show. Still, it was gratifying to watch him go stark raving apespit insane. I kept saying, Shoot him! Why don't they shoot him!? PUT ONE RIGHT IN HIS HEAD!!! I guess at the end I did find someone to identify with, in the cop who finally cut loose on him and shot him several times (in what was actually self defense), although I was still disappointed that he didn't splatter Light's brains all over the wall.

I suppose Misa may someday return from obscurity, but she's so stupid she'll just get caught if she doesn't get the help of someone smarter. Anyway, if this series reruns sometime, I won't watch it. Once through is enough by far.

Sigh...I wish they would show Trigun again.


  1. Screen caps and an episode summary can be found here:

    Apparently Misa kills herself a year later after being told Light died fighting "Kira"


  2. Huh, that's not one I'd even heard of. I'm glad you warned me about the main character, because I might've watched, otherwise, and I'd be stubborn enough to watch until I could relate to a character or it ended.
    Then again, I've only ever really enjoyed Trigun and Cowboy Bebop. (A few others have had my attention briefly, and I've always meant to watch Hellsing in full, but never have, for some reason.)