Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Bloglines has been down a lot lately. Can't get to it right now.

It just rained here. Just enough to wet the sand.

Here is a really cool Lovecraftian site. Dealing mostly with Cthulhu RPG and LARP (how you LARP Azathoth?), as well as some humor of the Lovecraftian persuasion. Unfortunately for me, it's in German. Here's a graphic for Cthulhu Bingo.

I've been watching Wellingtons on eBay. Got a snipe on one right now. They turn up often enough that I'm sure I'll win one sooner or later. I think I'll get another two or three. My single Wellington seems to have become my favorite pipe. I think I'll get several so I can dedicate them to different kinds of blends. The Wellington is the pipe I'm smoking in my profile pic.

I got volunteered to barbecue this July 4. Oh man, it's going to be hot. I generally avoid barbecuing during the summer, but my dad is going to butcher a cow, and between him and me, we don't have enough freezer space to preserve it all. So we're going to barbecue some right off the bat.

I just ripped a bunch of Beethoven, all nine symphonies. From a boxed set that I've had for years and years. I really need to add more Bach to my collection.

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