Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Strange, very strange...

So I'm adding more books to my Shelfari account, and I came across the 1981 yearbook from my high school. I was a junior that year. I thought, hey, wouldn't it be fun to scan my photo and put it on the blog! But alas...

I got one of those "photo not available" things that year, and I can't remember how in the world that happened. They usually have a picture make-up day, but apparently I missed even that. I am almost nowhere to be found in this book.

I was not in National Honor Society until my senior year, so I'm not pictured there. This was the only year I didn't make some UIL team, so I'm not shown there. I do remember not having much motivation for UIL one year, I guess that was it. My senior year, I not only was on two different teams (number sense and calculator applications), but I won 2nd place at district in calculator.

I don't have my senior yearbook here. My sister has it, I think. I know I'm pictured several times in that book. It looks like the only photo of me in the junior yearbook is this one:

click to enlarge, if you really have to

I put a square around myself. (Yes, ha ha, I get it, a square--but actually it's more of a rectangle). I had a little custom for the group band picture. I always turned that badge thingy on my hat upside down for the photo. Back then I didn't wear glasses. I know many of the faces can't be seen with very much detail--even in the original photo, but I had to look at the list of names to remember a couple of them. There are a few that I didn't even remember as being in band, and a few I can recall who should have been in the photo, but weren't, for some reason. At least two of these people--who were both younger than I--are now passed on. One due to a tragic accident, and the other to suicide.

If I can ever get my hands on the senior yearbook, maybe I can't post better proof of my band nerdhood.

Someone might ask, who is "Me?" Well, I shall not speak of her in so public a forum. But she was also a cheerleader. The fact that I had friends among athletes and cheerleaders perhaps shows that I was one of those semi-cool nerds, like that one guy on Parker Lewis Can't Lose.


  1. Oh No.....

    "One time at band camp..."

    Woo hooo band camp stories...

  2. I ran across this and thought you would enjoy it.

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