Saturday, August 30, 2008

And this is the kind of song I have written

Since I'm in a rare mood tonight, here's one of the last sets of lyrics I committed to paper. The first stanza and chorus were written sometime in the mid-late 80s, the last two stanzas several years later. It took a while. I never have been able to think of a title for it.

Monday took me by surprise
Tuesday didn't find me any more wise
Wednesday came and Thursday went
I thanked God for Friday, but it wasn't heaven sent
Saturday took too long, everything went all wrong
Then Sunday came and I still felt the same

So take me by the hand
Lead me to the promised land
Take the long way home
Let the tears fill up my eyes
I've come a long, long way
From those hometown days
But I still can't say goodbye
Gotta find my way,
Gotta find my wings and fly

Heaven only knows the score
I haven't tried to keep track of things since 1984
I don't have much to do or say
I don't think that it would really matter much anyway
It makes no difference at all if I run or if I crawl
Or if I fly so high I touch the sun


I feel like a pair of old blue jeans
Kinda comfortable, faded and frayed
I get a misty kind of laid-back feeling
When those psychedelic blues are played
Sometimes I think that I was born too late
Sometimes it seems that I was born too soon
Sometimes at night I to hide away
On the dark side of the moon
I'm too far gone to be confused, I think I paid someone else's dues
Or maybe someone else paid my dues for me

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