Saturday, August 02, 2008


Sitemeter code has been deleted from this website due to the recent problems from their "upgrade."

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  1. Well, I tried everything I could to get Sitemeter to work properly, but to no avail. I emailed Sitemeter about it and they are refusing to even answer me and a number of other techies who have made inquiries about the problem. Their web site and tech blog do not even contain an acknowledgement of the problem. I really detest denial. So, like so many others including Volokh, Xavier, Blogonomicon, et al., I removed Sitemeter from my blog. That’s kind of a drag because I have always really liked their tracking, and I haven’t found anything else that works quite as well, but if they are going to use questionable Javascript and then not respond to the concerns of their users, then they have to go.

    Then, I got to surfing on other blogs that were dealing with the problem, and guess what? Sitemeter fixed the problem. I reinstalled the code and tested it with IE7 and the problem has gone away.

    This is a major FUBAR for Sitemeter and I bet a lot of people who pulled if off of their blogs won’t put it back on again. I guess the moral of that story is to test your “upgrades” before you inflict them on your customers.