Friday, September 12, 2008


Northbound traffic on Highway 87 (aka Rigsby) has been heavy for the last couple of days--all the evacuee traffic.

Got gas today even though I didn't really need to. All the stations in the area where I usually buy gas (there are four there, five if you count the mom & pop) were packed with people. I actually had to wait in line for a few minutes. I was able to get it for $3.49/gallon still at the Exxon at Rigsby & 410, but earlier while I was working I noticed the Flying J had gone up to $4.03. The Valero right across the street from the Exxon had all three grades for the same price, $3.65. I didn't bother to discover why.

We were all set for heavy rains tomorrow but our chances of it keep going down. Ike is hooking too far north.

I hope all you folks on the coast get through with minimal problems.

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  1. I've noticed that Flying-J is more volatile on it's prices than the others around there, maybe it's because they do so much volume.