Monday, October 20, 2008

Bigfoot hoax takes a really bizarre turn

Details at Cryptomundo. The two hoaxers are now posting YouTube videos that include pictures of Loren Coleman (of Cryptomundo) with captions falsely claiming that he has been charged with child abuse in Mexico.

Also their website betrays a very poor grasp of basic grammar and spelling. Dolts.


  1. It would be nice in even the short summary of this story that you post if it is noted that these are FALSE claims from these liars. I am a past child welfare investigator who has worked in child protective services and juvenile justice, NOT one who endangers children. All of what they allude to is a lie.

    These two jerks now are on a campaign to ruin the lives of anyone that spoke out against their lying ways regarding their Bigfoot hoax.

    They are despicable.

  2. Those guys are grade-A pendejos.