Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The abysmal darkness within is filled with Christmas cheer

Okay, so apparently it wasn't just an allergy. Got lucky and had an easy day today, but when I got home I crashed. I did write up another movie post today, watched some Christmas shows with the kids, and so forth.

I am getting an enormous amount of traffic for this. You'd think it was the only @nim@t3d Chr1stm@s tr33 gif on the whole internet. I don't remember where I found it, but it had to come from somewhere, because I didn't create it.

There's a new Burger King on my route to & from work (Rigsby & W.W. White for the locals) that just opened and has free Wi-Fi. I'm not really a Burger King person, but I might have to give that Wi-Fi a shot. My laptop is supposed to be all set up for it.

P.S. The weather pixie. A goth girl with a cute little Christmas tree? What the...?!

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