Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Blame it on Oprah

Unexplained Mysteries :: Did Oprah cause the economic crash ?
If you don’t believe only ten million people could destroy the economy of the U.S. or that Oprah could influence a crisis in the economy I’ll show you how it works.

In 1996 Oprah had a guest talk about Mad Cow on her program and she said something to the effect that she wasn’t going to eat another burger. Texas cattlemen lost $12 million as cattle prices dropped and beef consumption went down. That was just $12 million in Texas. Total loses nation wide were likely $100 million. So in the past, Oprah has had an influence on at least one sector of the economy and if she endorses a book the author becomes a millionaire, count two of influence on the economy.
Phillip Tilley theorizes that Oprah's recommendation of a goofy New Age self-help book caused the economic crash. Interesting theory. The book has sold 4 million copies and the DVD has sold 2 million. It's #128 on Amazon's bestseller list.

But personally, I think if she did have anything to do with it, it was only one of many nails in the coffin.

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