Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Death Chart

I like charts. I have made my own comparison charts when seriously considering any major purchase: be it cars, guns, computers, or even pipe tobacco. I have made charts about movies, books, and music. Here is an excellent chart that everyone should study, bookmark, and tell someone about.

The Death Chart is an orderly, chronological chart of how gun control has been used as a first step to genocide through modern history beginning in 1915. Thanks to the folks at JPFO for putting it together. Go now and read.


  1. Thanks for the link. The chart is from the book Death by “Gun Control” which is actually a newer update to the original work Lethal Laws: “Gun Control” is the Key to Genocide published in 1994 – so Rwanda is not included. I remember reading this book when the Rwanda genocide was happening. I had forgotten I had this until seeing your post and dusted it off. The version I have fully documents the progression of laws in each case with photocopies of the actual documents. This newer 2002 version of the book appears to be even better and updated with essays by some leading authorities thrown in.