Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Put on the glasses

I didn't watch any of it. I usually listen to National Propaganda Radio on the morning drive in (so I can make a list of news items I may have to refute), but I didn't even do that today. I overheard a cow-orker say that he had taped the whole thing so he could watch it when he got home. Idiots.

Today I just kept thinking about this:

And I never liked bubblegum, anyway.


  1. "I overheard a cow-orker say ..."

    I don't think I would give much credence to something said by someone who orks farm animals. That's just wrong.


  2. I misspelled it intentionally. It's something people used to do on an urban legends newsgroup. Maybe they still do.

  3. Ah , but you missed some great Comedy in the Theatre of Politics! Included were the worst...inaugeral..poem..ever! Aretha Franklin's almost unrecognizable cover of "my Country 'Tis Of Thee" which begins with her overblown "soulful" meter causing her to sing-"My Cunt.....Tree tiz of thee!" Great stuff! By the time old Abernathy was misquoting Leadbelly in his bebediction you had to almost feel sorry for Barry.

  4. Oh, but I heard much of that anyway. NPR was still so agog over it that they played soundbites of it all day yesterday. I heard the Aretha bit, and the flubbed oath, and other stuff.