Thursday, March 12, 2009

I know how he feels

This happened to me before. But not with P@r1s H1lt0n.  And I didn't get to discover it from the relative solitude of an iPhone.  I had to go ask someone to find out.

You want to know, don't you?

I'm not telling.

Oh okay, it was Yanni.


  1. So, did you suddenly decide the song was not worth listening to, or is Yanni now one of your guilty, secret pleasures.

    Don't be ashamed. There are a few songs that I like but that I might not admit to liking. Of course, Yanni ain't among 'em.

  2. I heard this piece on a radio program, but I didn't catch any details, so I asked someone else if he had heard what the radio said it was. The guy said, "He said it was Yanni." But that was all the info I could get. So I took a chance on it being on whatever his newest album was at the time, and I bought it. But it wasn't on there.

    So I keep my one Yanni CD in the shuffle to remind me that there is still a lost piece out there, and I still maintain that he wrote at least one totally awesome piece of music. It's just not on the CD I unfortunately bought.