Friday, March 13, 2009


The Dinah Washington record sounds way better with the pop/click filters backed off a little. There are still some audible pops, but they are much better than the distorted noise I was hearing from filtering them too aggressively.

Playing around with digital sound files is something I've just been doing on my own for...well, several years now, but learning everything from scratch has been a slow process.

On another topic, if anyone installs that new version of Foxit, I would recommend against also installing the toolbar. If you don't install it, you lose a few extra features, but if you only use Foxit for a pdf reader you don't need it. I like Foxit because it's much less clunky and loads up a lot faster than Adobe. Also it's somewhat more secure than Adobe because it's less popular (sort of like Firefox may arguably be somewhat more secure than IE). But I tried it with the toolbar installed, and it made Firefox go all sluggish and act weird. YMMV, of course. Just offering my opinion based on my own experience.

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