Thursday, March 12, 2009

Important anime news

From Anime News Network: Evangelion Underpants for Sale in Japan.
The Japanese character goods maker MOVIC has announced on Thursday that it will offer the official Evangelion Underpants Collection: Otoko no Tatakai (A Man's Struggle). The underpants come in medium (76-84 cm/30-33 inches) or large (84-94 cm/33-37 inches) sizes and in six styles: Nerv, Seele, Angel Monogram, Ugoite yo, 6th Angel, and Nigecha Dame. Evangelion's official website suggests the Nigecha Dame ("I mustn't run away!") underpants for psyching yourself up for stressful work, tests, dates, and similar situations.
This struck me as so absurdly funny that I am barely able to breathe right now. Or see, for the tears in my eyes.

Addendum: Oh man, that's hilarious. Evangelion underpants! A Man's Struggle! No size small! UNDERPANTS FOR PSYCHING YOURSELF UP!!!

I think I'll have to go lie down for a while now.

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