Monday, April 20, 2009

mp3 player notes

Due to circumstances not entirely beyond my control (mostly absent-mindedness), I have attempted recording parts of the KRTU lunch feature only twice since I got the mp3 player. Last week I got about 90 minutes of Herbie Hancock which I still need to go through. But today I got some Charles Mingus and managed to get four decent tracks out of it before I got too far out of range and the signal starting getting noisy.

Not perfect digital clarity, because a lot of their catalog is stuff that is only available on old LPs and there simply aren't any CD versions yet. So there are a few small pops & clicks, but nothing bad. And I managed to add these tracks to my jazz collection:

Self-Portrait in Three Colors
Better Get it in Your Soul
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (a favorite)
Original Faubus Fables - This is a vocal version in a collection of live recordings that was lost for many years and only rediscovered a couple of years ago. It isn't even listed on the official discography I consulted to make sure I had all the details right for the tags.

A fruitful day.

And here's a picture I took today of the backside of the Alamodome from Claude W. Black.

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