Saturday, May 16, 2009

Misc singles Amazon downloads

Some more miscellaneous singles that were free downloads from Amazon.

Big Business - "Gold and Final"
Eh...heavy metalish, but nothing that impressed me too much. Deleted.

Buckwheat Zydeco - "Ninth Place"
Hey, I could always use another zydeco song. I think I have at least two now in my whole collection, including this one.

Caitlin Crosby - "Still Have My Heart"
I really like this song, and she has a great voice. One thing that really annoys me about modern teenybopper singers is how they seem afraid to hit a note and stick with it--their singing is very artificial and forced. Crosby has a very natural sound that makes her singing almost conversational, and this is a very catchy song. So impressed was I that I looked her up and I liked what I found. Check out Pop with a Conscience and I am going to buy this CD.

Tori Amos - "Maybe California"
Well, if you're already familiar with Amos, I don't need to say anything. If you're not, I have one recommendation: buy the album Little Earthquakes. You're on your own from there. But hey, this is a free download so you can snag it if you want.

Jeff Bujak - "Sea"
Instrumental, mostly electronic club music, kind of funky in parts. A long piece at 11 minutes, I'll add it to my electronica collection.

Jeremy Enigk - "Mind Idea"
I like it. I had to look him up. Enigk is credited, or perhaps cursed, with being considered a progenitor of "emo music." Okay. I still like it.

Nomo - "Invisible Cities"
I like this one, too. More instrumental dance music that I'll put in with the other electronica. Has some acoustic instruments, a horn (trumpet?) and a sax taking lead parts.

The Church - "Anchorage"
I already knew I liked The Church, and a freebie from them is always welcome.

The Lovell Sisters - "In My Time of Dyin'"
Another one that I really like, and another group I had to look up. They are three actual sisters who are classically trained but who play music heavily influenced by bluegrass, and their three-part harmonies are very sweet. Their band is made up entirely of acoustic instruments, and they call their sound "progressive acoustic." This song sounds like really old-time country/folk/bluegrass with a religious theme. Another CD I plan on buying.

Trainwreck Riders - "Don't You Know"
Looked these guys up, too. Another band who treads the oft-overlooked gray zone between rock and country. It's a keeper.

Embedded below is the video for "Still Have My Heart." The video is goofy, but I must say it again, I really like her voice.

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