Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rain and stuff

When I left home at 5:30 this morning, the sky was working itself into a real banger of a lightning storm again, like the one we had last weekend. Between here and La Vernia it really cut loose; windshield wipers going full speed, only doing about 45 mph on the highway which was probably faster than I should have been going. Between La Vernia and S.A. it slacked off, by the time I got to S.A. I was puzzled by bone-dry roads.

It kept thundering all morning long. I was sure I was going to get really hammered, so I left my personal phone and the mp3 player in my truck so they wouldn't get wet, tied my jacket around my waist because I was sure I'd need it. About 10:30 my wife called and said it was just pouring down here. I was working in Alamo Heights today and did not see a single drop of rain.

When I came home a little while ago I was stunned by full ditches and flooded fields--even the rumblestrips still had water standing in them. So it really did pour down here.

Got a new book in the mail today, The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia, third edition by Daniel Harms. Mr. Harms started this book out several years ago and first published it as The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana (which I also have--bought one of the first copies as soon as it was available, actually). It should be interesting to see what he's added since that first edition way back when.

Also got a tobacco sample in the mail today from Bennington Tobacconist. I signed up for their samples because they like to ship them out to the average pipe smoker for reviews, which they then post on their website. I signed up for non-aromatic blends only, and they unfortunately sent me an aromatic this time. I guess I'll try to smoke some of it. I can't identify the flavor they put in it, but it's stinking up the whole room. Yech. As a general rule, I just can't stand aromatics, 1792 Flake being the one notable exception.


  1. Hope this third edition is much better. I remember looking for some not-at-all uncommon element in the old encyclopedia and there not even being an entry on it.

  2. I had to pick up a pole trailer at 410 and Rigsby that morning to go pull some poles near Blanco and West Ave. The other crew was going to string some triplex at a H.S. around I-10 and Huebner.

    I called them and asked how they felt handeling 1000' of lightning rod in the coming storm and they said it was clear as a bell there.