Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bennington Tobacconist unknown blend #5

Well, lets' get this over with.

Fired up a bowl in the old Kaywoodie lovat since it doesn't get used much and it shouldn't have much flavor left over from previous smokes to bias this blend. At first light, I got the distinct impression of cinnamon candy, like Red Hots but not hot. It faded immediately.

The flavor eludes me. About halfway through it seemed sort of wine-like. Two-thirds through I put it down, left the room, walked around the house a little, then came back in to try and catch the room note. No luck.

The pipe bowl itself smells quite sweet, which is normal for artificially-sweetened Cavendish. But still unidentifiable.

But I guess none of that really matters. Regardless of how it tastes and smells, do I like it?

No. It will give it credit in that it isn't the most offensive aromatic I've ever tried. But if someone were to try and covert me to aromatics, this one wouldn't do the trick.

The kids don't care for the room note, either, whatever it is.

UPDATE: I cheated and went to their website to look at their blends and see if I can guess which one it is. I think I figured it out. This is supposed to be one of those "English aromatics," a latakia blend with flavoring added. The flavor is a "secret." I think I need some Perique now to cleanse my palate.

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  1. The last aromatic I bought was rum nut blend and I'll honestly say that's my last.

    I'm appreciating the strong rich flavors much more these days.