Thursday, May 28, 2009

An unexpected conversation

I had just started digging through the shelves when my daughter asked me what I was doing.

Me: Trying to find all my H.P. Lovecraft stuff and my other good horror books.

She: Oh, that reminds me! I have one of your books.

She leaves the room, comes running back a moment later with Lovecraft's The Tomb and Other Tales (Ballantine edition).

She: Here, I read this.

Me: The whole book?

She: Yeah.

Me: You read the whole book?

She: Yeah.


Me: Did you like it?

She: Yeah, but some of the words were hard and I didn't know what they meant.

Me: You read the whole book?

I'm still stunned. She's ahead of me now. I didn't read any Lovecraft until I was about 14. But then I didn't have a parent who had ever heard of him.

I knew all these books would be useful someday.


  1. That is really awesome. I hope I can get mey kids to read some of the books that I enjoy so much.

  2. I remember reading them when I was quite young; my first one was The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, and I was hooked on him after that. I had been reading Machen, Bierce, Saki, and Derleth since I was about seven or eight.