Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have also attempted to make a real start on the next installment of The Hunter Chronicles. Yes, I have been kind of busy today for not feeling at all well, but I got home about 1:00 so I've had plenty of time. Usually, these kinds of stories are set in the big, famous cities. Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about such cities, and would not be able to instill an air of authenticity in the story if I tried to write about them. they say, write about what you know. Here's a sample paragraph.
A river worms through the heart of the city. The city fathers have gone to great expense to make it look pretty and authentic, authentic meaning that restaurants and shops selling food and goods typical (so they say) of the area can trap plenty of tourists and make plenty of taxable dollars. Wide sidewalks line both banks, curving in tune with the water and wrapping around downtown like a broken horseshoe. In the daytime, visitors from far-away lands wander the paths to marvel and remark on the natural beauty of a river in the middle of a big city. In the nighttime, all the lost and lonely souls who have nothing better to do wander it as well; some of them more lost than others, and hungry for the blood of those who are only lonely.
I decided if I was going to write something, I should just start writing and worry about making it good later. I have even managed to work a quick mention of a water meter vault into this one.

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