Saturday, August 15, 2009

10 albums a day #18

Fleetwood Mac - Mirage (1982, cassette), Greatest Hits (1988, CD)
Fish - Internal Exile (1992, CD), Sunsets On Empire (1997, CD)
Fiona - Fiona (1985, LP)
Extra Hot Sauce - Taco of Death (1988, cassette)
Frozen Ghost - Frozen Ghost (1987, cassette)
Frank Zappa - We're Only In It for the Money (1968, CD), Lumpy Gravy (1968, CD), Jazz from Hell (1986, cassette)

Fleetwood Mac is another of those groups that I enjoyed hearing on the radio but not enough to buy their stuff, except for the greatest hits collection. Mostly I only really like the songs of theirs that Stevie Nicks did. I bought Mirage because it was in a clearance bin and only cost a couple bucks.

Fish (real name Derek K. Dick) was the original lead singer of Marillion. Fish solo is better than Marillion without Fish (in my opinion). The group is still very active and popular but I fell away when Fish left because he was such a great song writer and with him gone their sound changed too much for me. The Sunsets on Empire cover art is from the U.S. release; the U.K. release is different. I near-miraculously found both of these at Hastings but he is not one of the artists that is easy to find in music stores around here.

The Extra Hot Sauce tape was purchased by mail-order from some punk catalog back in the 80s. It has an amusing thrash cover of "Free Bird" and the cover art was undoubtedly copied on a photocopier and then the red fills were done by hand with a permanent marker; it bled through to the other side. The full album is on one side of the tape; the other side is blank.

I really like the Frozen Ghost tape but I never tried to keep up with them. Mostly electronic like much 80s pop, but with lyrics that are pretty good and not completely vapid like a lot of junk from that time.

The two Zappa albums from 1968 are both on one CD, and it was more a purchase of opportunity than anything else. Jazz From Hell is one of my favorite albums overall, and I think I might go ahead and move it to my jazz subdirectory just for kicks. I bought this one because a co-worker had a sampler CD which I listened to several times (it was called Steal This Disc) and which included one track from it called "G-Spot Tornado."

Album count: 176.


  1. Wow, You have Frozen Ghost up there, I used to have the cassette. I rember only one song off it, Promises. Ok Album if I remember

  2. I think my favorite from that album is "Should I See," an anti-censorship song.