Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 albums a day #24

Don Patterson - Movin' Up (1971)*
Eric Kloss - Now (1978)*
Eric Kloss & Barry Miles - Together (1976)*
Friends - Friends (1973)*
Hank Jones - 'Bop Redux (1977)*, Groovin' High (1979)*
Harold Ousley - Sweet Double Hipness (1972)*
Herbie Hancock - Dedication (1974)**, River: The Joni Letters (2008, CD)
Jackie McLean - One Step Beyond (1963, CD)

*Downloaded from Kathleen Loves Music.
**Downloaded from

Most of these were downloads. Details for the record:

Don Patterson is a keyboardist who plays organ and an ARP synthesizer on this album, backed up by alto sax, drums and electric guitar.

Eric Kloss plays alto and tenor sax. On the "solo" album he is backed up by other musicians playing keyboards, bass, drums and cowbell(!). On the album with Barry Miles there are no backing musicians, just the two of them. Kloss again plays alto and tenor sax, while Miles plays piano, electric piano and synthesizer.

Friends are Marc Cohen (electric alto sax, tenor sax), Jeff Williams (drums), Clint Houston (fretted bass, acoustic bass) and John Abercrombie (6 string guitar, 12 string guitar). Interesting liner notes on this one. From the notes: "Marc Cohen is from Philadelphia, home of all good saxophonists. He has played with Chico Hamilton and was with Dreams for a short time. His alto saxophone is modified by an octave divider, two wah-wah pedals, a fuzz-tone, and a tape echo box. His tenor sax is quite ordinary." Cohen later changed his last name to Copeland and switched to piano, also according to the notes.

Hank Jones is a pianist who is backed up only by bass and drums on 'Bop Redux. On the other album, he is accompanied by bass, drums, tenor sax and cornet.

Harold Ousley plays tenor sax and is accompanied by piano, bass, drums, congas, percussion and vocals.

The Joni Letters is Herbie Hancock's tribute to Joni Mitchell. She displays certain jazz influences on a lot of her stuff (I would especially recommend Court and Spark from 1974 if you've never heard it--it's great). All of these arrangements are by Hancock with himself and numerous other musicians (including Joni Mitchell herself) performing. I intend to add quite a lot more of Hancock's stuff to the collection as time goes by. The absence of Headhunter is particularly glaring.

I got the Jackie McLean CD by mistake. It came from, but the CD in the queue that I expected to get was Richard Butler's (previously of Psychedelic Furs) first solo album. I was slightly familiar with McLean, having heard some of his stuff on KRTU, so when I opened the box and saw it was the wrong CD it didn't bother me. He is an alto saxophonist.

Album count: 232.

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