Thursday, October 01, 2009

It means "unbranded calf," btw, nothing to do with horses

A very well-kept and -cared for Maverick! In the local Dollar General parking lot. (My kids' school in the background).

Dig those whitewalls!

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  1. I thought the name actually was a real person, a cattleman who was renowned for not branding his calves; hence upon seeing a unmarked calf, folks would "That's Maverick's" or "That's a Maverick."

    Still it made for a good joke during the last election, as me and the Ex recalled the 2000 SNL "election debates" between Bush and Gore (whose campaign themes were summed up as "strategery" and "locked-box"), with Obama and McCain's campaigns summed up with "Hopen-Change" and "Mav-er-ick."