Tuesday, February 09, 2010

In which I finally get an opportunity to use the word "viscous" in a blog post

When I finished today I looked like I had been rolling in mud, which is not entirely inaccurate. I had my regular cycle 7 route today, in the area of Basse Road and West Ave. I found some really strange mud in the alleys. If I dug through it with my hook, it was thick and viscous but somewhat liquid. However, I discovered that if I grabbed a big swath of it with my hands and carefully lifted, I could peel up these thick layer/chunks about 2 inches thick. Of course this meant I got mud on my gloves, but I just wiped them off with grass and kept on as usual. Quite strange.

I wore out my last original tire today. Probably should have replaced it a while back, but didn't. Lasted for 146,000 miles.

They're predicting "ice pellets" as precipitation tomorrow. Did someone decide "sleet" is somehow not politically correct or something? Or is there a difference between "ice pellets" and "sleet?" I prefer sleet to rain. The ground isn't cold enough to make it stick; once it hits it just melts. However, sleet will bounce off of my clothes instead of wetting me like rain does. So although it may be cold, I will remain mostly dry. Only 40% chance though, so I'm not too worried about it. Thursday looks to be our bad day for the week. Seems like every week for a few months now we've had one really bad day when it's cold and rainy. It would be nice to have a full week when every day is like today.

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  1. I'm looking forward to a time when I can use "eldritch" and "cyclopean" in a post.