Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Super Bowl Flush

A fun factoid:
S**S monitoring equipment can see when halftime starts by the quick increase in demand on our potable water system; we see a drop in the average system pressure as viewers take their bathroom breaks as halftime begins. That results in a lot of wastewater that makes its way to S**S water recycling centers. The "Super Bowl Halftime Flush" is an example of how our water and wastewater infrastructure must be built and maintained to handle sudden spikes in demand.
No direct link because I still wish to remain under the G00gl3 radar if possible, but you can find the whole article if you go to you-know-who's website and look under the "news." I went there looking for a public post of an interesting email I just got. It's not there so here's a non-text-spiderable screen cap. Click to enlarge for easier reading.


  1. Hard water minerals are what make the water taste good. The best tasting water I've ever drunk is from a spring that bubbled fresh from the ground. Oh, so cold and good.

  2. True, but only to a certain extent. You wouldn't have wanted to drink the water where my mom lived when she was a kid because of the sulfur in it, and you wouldn't have wanted to drink the water where I lived when I was a kid because of all the iron in it. You wouldn't have wanted to wash your clothes in it, either.

  3. I think this is more of an indicator that much of the "News" we see on TV is actually infomercials. I am a KENS-5 fan, but I have to shake my head at the number of stories I see that are clearly commercials.