Friday, May 28, 2010

A real beauty!

Just thought I'd mention that this is a pretty decent sampler of "international" music. Free download from

I forgot to mention it, but last Friday I found a coral snake in a meter box. That's the first venomous snake I've seen while working (this job) so far. It was about 13-14 inches long. It crawled down a tiny hole into the ground before I could take a picture.

Nothing else I feel much like mentioning. I recently discovered the series "River Monsters" on Animal Planet and I have three hours' worth recorded so I'm going to watch some it now before I go to sleep.


  1. Be careful. I read somewhere that coral snake antivenin is in short supply right now.

  2. I think that stuff is always in short supply regardless of which snake it is. As I understand it, it doesn't "keep," so it can't be stockpiled. Anyway, it's really hard for a human to get envenomated by a coral snake. You almost have to do it on purpose.