Saturday, July 10, 2010


There were times this week, especially Friday morning, that I felt it was one of those weeks when I should be thankful that I survived without injury. The alleys on my cycles 5 and 7 are getting dangerously bad. Seven is the least worst, because it only has about 100 alley meters out of 475 total or something like that. Five is worse, with around 250 alley meters out of about 450 total. Last month on the cycle 5 I painted the snot out of everything to mark the meters. The brush is so thick that the fences are too hidden to paint, so many times I just painted the brush or even the grass on the ground. I'll probably have to paint it again next month, because the paint doesn't stick too well on vegetation.

In going through my digital collection I suddenly realized that I had never purchased The Doors' Strange Days on CD. Don't know how I overlooked that one.

I finished cleaning up The War of the Worlds this morning. It will probably be a few days at least before I say any more about it, because I want to make a few more sound clips and get them uploaded before I write it up.

In looking for a few more odd album covers today, I came to regret the passing of my old sources of very cheap, obscure used records. It would be nice to be able to browse them again just to look for weird cover art.

I wonder whatever happened to all that stuff left over when Yesterday's Warehouse closed down?


  1. There is a warehouse down the road from my house that old Mr. Kimble owned as well, it was the Seguin Bargain Barn some time in the distant past. It is just a warehouse, not a business. I think he stored a lot of stuff there, but I don't know for certain. I've seen people buzzing around ther with the door open sometimes, and I can glimpse vast racks of stuff, but it is always when I am on the way somewhere and can't pop by to look. It pains me to think some of those great crappy treasures may lie just yards from me!