Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At one point we even had to pull-start it with a Datsun pickup

Interesting post at Two--Four. My dad's first tractor was an 8N, and we never had to take it apart that far, but we did a lot of work on it to keep it running. My dad's also had a front-end loader built onto it that someone had put on after-factory. We had to repair it once, and took it all apart. On putting it back together, it would still go up but wouldn't stay up. We discovered that we had missed a single bearing--a 3/8" steel ball whose entire purpose was to stop up the hydraulic line so that fluid wouldn't run back down until you told it to with the lever. So we had to disassemble the whole thing again to put that bearing back in.

Long day today. I woke up this morning to find I had a dead battery in my truck, so I had to take my wife's van to work (fortunately she was off work today), then got back home to work on the truck. Broke out the Dremel once again to cut off a badly corroded positive battery clamp and polish up the cable, took the battery to NAPA where they tested it and pronounced that it had only 7 cranking amps out of a max of 540: it was graveyard dead, but I got about as much life out of it as I had expected. Installed a new clamp and bought a new battery and everything is copacetic* again. Tomorrow I'm going to install a new ground clamp just for bunkum.

But I still had the energy to edit the last couple of songs on that Doors album and now I think I'll kick back and watch Warehouse 13.

*Copacetic passed the spell-checker? How about that.

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