Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Brian Setzer - The Knife Feels Like Justice (1986, LP)

I've mentioned this one before, but that was before I got the turntable and had ripped it from my old dupe cassette. This time I ripped it from vinyl.

If I ever get around to making a list of favorite albums, this will be on it. As I said before, I never liked Stray Cats enough to buy any of their albums, although now I think I might do it sometime just for kicks. This one hit me one night when I was cleaning up after closing time at the Mr. Gatti's in Seguin and the video for the title track came on MTV. It was both haunting and defiantly joyous. I bought the album at Hastings within the next few days, and it immediately became a favorite.*

This was his first solo album after leaving the Cats. After this album he went "orchestra" and I never bought any of those albums, but I should. I have heard this & that from his orchestra era and I've liked everything I've heard. Just haven't gotten around to it yet.

The Knife Feels Like Justice is modern rockabilly with a hard edge and a philosophical twist. A very strong album, and most of the tracks are favorites: the title track, "Haunted River," "Boulevard of Broken Dreams," "Bobby's Back," "Chains Around Your Heart," "Maria" and "Aztec."

Not a totally perfect rip, but close enough that I don't think I'll notice. Already burned this one to audio CD.

*I almost grew a mullet after seeing this video.

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