Saturday, October 16, 2010

11 (correction: 12) Yard Sale CDs

Here's the list of what I was able to keep. One CD was an environmental ambience disc of a "peaceful ocean." It was okay, but I didn't rip it. Another was some album of a woman singing gospel songs with a piano backing. This kind of thing does not appeal to me. It was so bad I couldn't rip even the first track, but I was able to listen to just a little of it and I dropped it in the trash can.

Other than that...

ATB - Seven Years
Joe Stummer - Walker (soundtrack)
Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane
The Moffatts - Chapter 1: A New Beginning
The Platters - Greatest Hits (4 out of 10 tracks)
Elvis Presley - First Post-War Interview (a 12-minute interview on one disc, nothing else).
Elvis Presley - Ultimate Gospel (20 out of 22 tracks)
Various Artists - Malt Shop Memories: Jukebox Gems [Disc 1]
Various Artists - Motown Legends Volume 3
Various Artists - Rock of the 90s [Disc 2]
Various Artists - Street Corner Symphonies [Disc 1] (there were two of these--neither one completely rippable but between the two I got the whole thing)

Oops, forgot one. Also Merry Christmas Strait from the Heart by you-know-who.

Since I know my wife will likely want to hear these (she bought them, after all), I've already backed them up to data CD so I can re-burn them when I need to. I don't really want her playing the origiinal discs in her touchy vehicle CD player because I'm afraid they might go bonkers in there and jam it up. Also I won't be keeping all of these in my big playing archive on the external HD.

What a weirdly inconsistent collection of CDs that was.

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  1. Perhaps the collection is the sweepings of an entire family...or, if one could but read it correctly, a spiritual sampling from an unexpected soul. I'm reminded of a quote from a source I can't quite place: "In art, as in love, we are always surprised by another's choice."