Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joe Stummer - Walker (2005, CD)

This is the soundtrack to the 1987 movie Walker, which was pretty much of a flop according to imdb. I assume it wasn't released on CD until 2005, which accounts for the date of the album. Most of the tracks are instrumentals, but a couple have vocals. Nothing too outstanding in my opinion, but then it's only a soundtrack album. I'd say the music has a heavy Latin flavor, sort of the thing you might expect to hear in a spaghetti western. Worth keeping in the big archive.


  1. I know it's supposed to be Ed Harris, but that looks like one pissed-off Patrick Stewart on the cover.

  2. I remember seeing "Walker" when it came out with some excitement and anticipation: this was Alex Cox's follow-up to "Repo Man", which I consider to be a classic of sorts...Oh boy-somebody was doing an AWFUL lot of cocaine while this movie was being made-terrible! Almost unwatchable...