Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I had my official Easiest Day of the Month today and got home quite early. I was planning on finishing up some mp3s but then I decided to watch a couple of movies while no one was around to bother me. Saw The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Younger Brother, which was okay but it's not one of those movies that I would go around telling everyone they needed to see. Then I watched the most recent arrival from Netflix: To Be or Not To Be, the original 1942 version. As I said on FB, it's amazing to think it was made during some of the darkest times of the war. Stars Jack Benny as the ostensible leader of a troupe of Polish actors at the time of the Nazi invasion of Poland. It teeters between hilarity and suspense and in my opinion is very well worth watching. Also stars Carol Lombard and a totally unrecognizable (to my young eyes) Robert Stack.

There's also a 1983 remake made by and starring Mel Brooks which is further down my queue. I think I'll wait a few weeks before I move it up to the top.

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