Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Southern Death Cult (1983, LP)

I finally finished up another album. You can read all the details about this band on Wikipedia if you are wont to do so. For this post, I'll just say that this was a precursor to the more popular The Cult, and had only one member in common with the group when it put out its second album, Love (one of the two Cult albums I have). Ian Astbury is at the helm in both, and they sound quite a bit the same.

This wasn't an actual album release when the band was together. They make some studio recordings as well as live recordings, and this album is made up of various songs from both of those sources. The recording is not the best throughout--there are times when it sounds like someone overdrove their microphone and made some bad noise, and a couple of tracks sound too echo-y but maybe they meant for them to sound that way.

I bought this one at Sundance Records in San Marcos and I think it must have been pre-owned because it wasn't in shrink wrap, but was instead enclosed in a plastic slipcover, which is how they always packaged their used "collectibles." It cost $9.99 at the time, and I'm pretty sure it was also an import.

Perfect rip on this one, just some weird noises now and then from the bad recording that aren't too obvious.

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