Friday, June 03, 2011

UPS is pronounced "oops"

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Not really related, but today after I finished my assignment I went by the Exxon at I10 & Hildebrand for a 99-cent 44-ounce Dr. Pepper. While attempting to pay for it, a UPS dude suddenly asked me if I was a meter reader. I told him yes. So he started talking.

I would like to say here that I am uncomfortable with and distrustful of people who talk too fast. I'm sure it's just the way they grew up or something, but people who speak too quickly (a subjective qualification, I admit) make me think they're trying to pull something over on me. Also I have a hard time sorting through their words to find their real meaning. This UPS driver was speaking far too quickly. At first I misunderstood him--he was saying something about the water restrictions and that he'd gotten busted for watering wrong or something. I told him that as far as reporting water violations went, I was no different than anyone else. I could call it in, but it would just be some guy calling some regular old line to narc on someone--I didn't have a special line to call that gave me added authority because I was an employee of the company.

But alas, I had misunderstood. He tried again, and this time I got it. He had a "vindictive neighbor" (he used this phrase several times) who had squealed on him--except that he hadn't actually violated the restrictions--his neighbor just wanted to jerk him around. His question was, did I have access to a computer from which I could look up the report and find out who had squealed on him.

Heh. No. I'm pretty sure there is no such thing, anyway. But wow, where was his head at that he thought he could talk me into divulging such information just because he said it was a bogus report‽

My conclusion: this guy was a whack-job. Also he had parked his van so that my truck and 3 other cars were blocked in until he left. A strange encounter.

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  1. You get all kinds when you're wearing a uniform.
    ...And everyone has a problem the you can help them with because you're working for "The Man."

    Been their- done that.