Saturday, July 02, 2011

A badfilm documentary

Today I watched The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made. It suffered from its compactness; running only 1 hour, they could only do about a minute per movie, and for some that just wasn't enough. For others, it was far too much. I think it would have benefited from running 2 hours or maybe even 3, in 1-hour episodes like a mini-series.

If you're a fan of badfilms, then it might be good just to check on some movies that you didn't know about. I'd recommend keeping a list and writing the titles down as you go. There are a few of those movies that I'd like to see. I might have to watch it again, in fact, just so I can actually make this list. (Future blog post!)

I must confess that it couldn't entirely hold my interest; I dozed off at about #15 and didn't wake up until #1.

In other news, Netflix now has available for streaming ST:TNG, ST:Voyager and ST:Enterprise. I'm pretty much burned out on ST:TNG by now. I sometimes turn it on at night when they're showing it on Syfy so I can have something familiar on while I go to sleep. I've seen all the Voyagers, I think, when it was extant but I am going to enjoy watching it again. I never saw all the Enterprise shows. I know it was hated by lots of fans but I never had any big problems with it, except possibly for the deus ex machina plots when the people from the distant future kept popping in to fix things. Actually, the time-travel plots from Voyager also annoyed me--it seems to me to be a lame excuse to fix a plot line gone awry. But, you know, Seven of Nine (and T'Pol).

Anyway, so far DS9 is not available for streaming, although it is available on DVD.

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  1. The time-travel plots from any of the Star Trek series or movies annoyed the hell out of me. And they still do. It seems as if the writers of the shows began to get lazy when they realized they could have the Trek crews solve any crisis by using the Federation's apparent ability zip through time at will. Even one of the best of the Star Trek movies, The Voyage Home, wouldn't have been possible without a jaunt through time that seemed way too easy.

    I still like Star Trek. But I hate time travel as a plot device.