Friday, July 08, 2011

Remembrance - Fall, Obsidian Night (mp3 download, 2010)

Well, I said I was going to go in a completely different direction for my next album purchase, but I got sidetracked. I was doing some pseudo-random listening the other day and up came this track "The Omen" by a group called Remembrance. It was from the Metalhit Doom Metal Sampler that I downloaded a while back, and I remembered that it had been one of my favorite tracks from that collection. So I looked up a few other tracks on YouTube and decided to go for it.

Fall, Obsidian Night is a 2010 release from funeral doom metal band Remembrance. They're from France, but lyrics are (apparently) in English. As is usual with these kinds of vocals, I can't understand anything they're saying, but I don't really think of these vocals as lyrical vocals. I think of them more as a specialized form of vocalese. All the lyrics can be found online and, as expected, "place an emphasis on evoking a sense of emptiness and despair."

Instrumentation includes both electric and acoustic guitars as well as synthesizers. Both male and female vocals are used.

I love this music.

Here's the only purely instrumental track from the album, "Our Memories are Made of Stones."

The CD is available via Amazon but from third-party sellers and the prices are high. The mp3 download is quite cheap.


  1. Have you listened to any Amorphis? Their latest, The Beginning of Times, includes a lot of death vocals and female back-up vocals. This band has been growing on me for some time, and I think you might like them a bit, too.