Saturday, April 07, 2012

The density of metal

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In case you didn't click on the most recent update at Eat the Music, here's one that's worth reposting.  Someone took all the "country of origin" information listed at Encyclopedia Metallum and created this color-coded world map of the number of metal bands per 100,000 population.

I'm not surprised at seeing Scandinavia as the most dense.  If they changed this to only doom/death/gothic metal, I'm guessing they would have to come up with a new color for that region.

And Canada is more metal than the U.S.  Go figure.  As far as that goes, most of what people think is "metal" in the U.S. is only rock metal, not metal metal.


  1. And Portugal is more metal than Spain, France, the Great Britain, AND the U.S.

    Who'd a thunk?

    1. Yeah, good eye! I saw that but I wanted to see if anyone else would notice it without me mentioning it.