Friday, September 20, 2013


Prevous rant about Customer Service Week here.  No need to rant about it this time, except to say that it used to be a week full of onerous, tedious mandatory "fun" while the company allegedly showed everyone in the Customer Service section how much we are appreciated.

But...this year, the woman who usually organized all of our torture, didn't.  So we didn't have hardly any mandatory "fun" at all.  It was such a relief.  We still got our free barbecue plate on Thursday, so that was good.

Since the tropical storm rains began a couple of days ago, we've had nearly six inches of rain at my house.  I'll have to go empty the gauge tonight in case it rains more, but right now it's stopped.

Thanks to YouTubers who have uploaded full albums to that video service, I have been listening to the full studio album discography of Mott the Hoople this week.  Last week I did the same with Blue Oyster Cult.  I found a few BOC songs that were new to me that I like.  I still think "The Revolution By Night" is my favorite album, but it's a close one between that and "Imaginos," which I for some reason bought on CD as a new release back in '88 or whenever it was that it came out, and listened to it a lot.

Back in the 80s, I found a discounted cassette of Mott the Hoople's Greatest Hits at the local music store and bought it, even though I had never heard of them at that time.  I liked the whole tape, and listened to it a lot, but never bought any of their other albums, mostly because the store didn't stock any of them.  But I remember there was a guy who worked for a while as a pizza delivery guy at the restaurant where I also worked.  His name was Kenny, I think.  I don't remember his last name.  He was another country boy who liked rock & roll, so we talked a lot about things like music, guns and hunting.  I guess I must have mentioned my Mott the Hoople tape to him.

By the way, that tape just one day vanished.  I don't know what happened to it.  As time passed, I developed the theory that I must have left it in my old Ford Courier and forgotten about it when I finally sold the pickup.  But that's just a guess.

Anyway, several years went by and one day I went to the Wal-Mart in Seguin to buy a new tire, and found him working there in the automotive department.  We caught up with each other, and he thanked me for telling him about Mott the Hoople.  He had bought all their albums and they had become one of his favorite bands.  I didn't even remember ever talking about that tape but I guess I must have.

Well, he was right.  There's a lot of pretty good music from that band that wasn't included on their "Greatest Hits."  Actually I don't think anything from their first three albums made it onto their "Greatest Hits."

I've been trying to get used to my new capo.  I think that when I eventually get a tenor uke it will be easier to use the capo because the neck won't be quite so cramped.  And then when I get around to buying a baritone uke it should be easier still.  The main reason I wanted it is because sometimes my voice just doesn't do the low notes too well, so I can key it up a step to give my voice a little more room to work with and still play it the way I've already practiced it.

Here's one by Mott the Hoople.  That audience looks a little too calm, to me.  Maybe they were there for someone else.

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